TalkTalk Router - WPS Exploit (21 May 2018)

Purpose of this Article

This article demonstrates a vulnerability found in the 'Super Router' router provided by the internet service provider TalkTalk to its customers. The vulnerability discovered allows the attacker to discover the Super Router's WiFi Password by attacking the WPS feature in the router which is always switched on, even if the WPS pairing button is not used.

The purpose of this article is to encourage TalkTalk to immediately patch this vulnerability in order to protect their customers.

Tools Used

Steps to Reproduce

Step 1: Run Dumpper and navigate to the WPS tab and select the target WiFi BSSID.

Step 2: Click 'WpsWin' to begin probing the BSSID for the WPS pin.

Step 3: After a couple of seconds, the WiFi access key to this network will be displayed bottom right.

Scale of Vulnerability

This method has proven successful on multiple TalkTalk Super Routers belonging to consenting parties which is enough to suggest that this vulnerability affects all TalkTalk Super Routers of this particular model/version.

TalkTalk have been notified of this vulnerability in the past and have failed to patch it many years later. It is also documented across various community forums. Links:


TalkTalk have been notified of this vulnerability on the day of the article being written (21 May 2018)

Typically a 30 day period from discovery to public release would be granted. However, in this case, as TalkTalk were made aware of this exploit back in 2014, public release is immediate.

21 May 2018Delivered to TalkTalk.
21 May 2018Date of public release.

Tags: Security | Network | Vulnerability | Wireless | WPS

Notice TalkTalk have not yet been in contact to advise this vulnerability has been fixed.