Welcome to IndigoFuzz

Software Development

Providing software solutions for a range of applications, from web to desktop and server.

Here you can find ready made solutions, or you can get in contact for something tailored to your needs.

Data Hive

With data being an integral component to any system or organisation, it's important that it be accessible and clean.

IndigoFuzz provides a single access point for a range of data sources with an easy-to-use API.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is fast becoming a useful solution for many purposes, and is fast becoming a consumer focused product.

With vast experience in Virtual Reality technology, IndigoFuzz will be integrating more and more into virtual worlds.

What Now?

As part of changing operations, this website is currently going through major development.

If you have been given a unique URL to view work done for you or your company then please use that URL as it will not be accessible from this page.